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Your customers are on Facebook, searching and discussing your company - join the conversation, engage with your users and grow your brand.

With Facebook advertising, you can reach your exact audience with specific targeting based on location, demographics, age, gender, interests, behavior, and connections. In addition to that, you can get creative with advanced options such as recent purchase behavior or life-event targeting.

This means Facebook will show your ads only to people you choose, that could be interested in what you have to offer. Everything is precisely measured so at any given time you will know how many impressions, clicks, and conversions you are receiving.

Facebook is still a significantly cheaper form of advertising than traditional marketing. Facebook Ads usually cost a fraction of what other online marketing channels cost and it allows you to decide on a budget by yourself. You can set your daily or total budget based on your advertising goals and the amount of money you're comfortable spending each day.

We help you find the right budget to start with. Based on performance we increase and scale your ads account.

Why choose us to run your Facebook Ads?


More than 150 digital projects and 9 years of industry experience.

Google Certified

We are a Google Certified Partner Agency with certified professionals.


We communicate openly. No hidden costs. You are the owner of your account.

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We are a specialized agency that follows and implements latest trends and technologies.


Phone or email. For important tickets we offer priority support that answers within 1 hour.

Technology & Tools

We developed in-house tools for our effective work and collaboration.

We never give up

Results can't always happen overnight but what makes us different is - we'll never give up trying and finding what will work.

We research harder

We don't just blindly follow best practices. Every business is different. We work harder to better understand your business model.

Our work is effective

We are efficient and process driven so every minute is well spent. We run systems and systems run our business.


Choose the most effective way to make everyone “Like” your business.


Reach your potential customers and increase your earnings with the help of professionals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of this type of advertising?

Your market is on Facebook!

With 2.41 billion active monthly users it’s the biggest social media network worldwide and your customers use it too.

Targeting on point!

A great benefit of Facebook advertising is the ability to reach your exact audience. In addition to standard targeting options by location, demographics, age, gender, interests, behavior, and connections you can get creative with advanced options such as recent purchase behavior or life-event targeting.

Fits your budget!

Facebook advertising is still one of the cheapest forms of advertising. They usually cost a fraction of what other online marketing channels cost.

It helps your business on all fronts!
  • 1. Building brand awareness

    Running brand awareness campaigns will help you reach people that are most likely to remember your ads. It will not drive immediate sales but will get people talking about what you have to offer.

  • 2. Increasing website traffic

    With thoroughly considered ad formats you can actually drive potential customers to your website wheatear you want them to inform themselves more about your offer or you just want them to read the newest blog post.

  • 3. Increasing revenue

    With smart targeting Facebook Ads will help you get more leads and convert them into sales. And, as you already know, more sales mean bigger revenue Running Facebook Ads can help you build brand awareness, increase website traffic and increase revenue, sales and leads.

How long will it take to get results?

In week or two we will get really good feedback. How fast we get results also depends on your budget and how fast we are getting enough data to make the right conclusions. Usually after first month we will have a really good picture on our performance and what steps to take next.

How much budget do I need?

You can run your Facebook Ads on any budget. It allows you to set your daily or total budget based on your advertising goals and the amount of money you're comfortable spending each day. Even though you are flexible we help you set the optimal budget for your business with our budget calculators that are based on your advertising goals.

How much will I pay for your agency services on the top of the advertising costs?

We charge a one-time setup fee because we invest time in understanding your business, analyzing your customer and competitors campaigns, audience research, project management, writing copy and campaign setup. After that, we take a monthly fee for managing your Facebook Ads campaigns. The price of our service depends on complexity. It’s not the same to manage the campaign with 2 ad sets and with hundreds of ad sets.

Contact us for free proposal and pricing information.

Can I run a campaign on my own?

Technically, you could do that but it would require a lot of learning, a lot of testing and eventually spending a lot of money without achieving your goals.

If you want to advertise your business quickly and effectively it’s better to entrust it to professionals.

How will I know if my campaign is successful?

Facebook advertising is super measurable so by tracking all the important metrics of your campaign we will see how it performs and make changes if it’s necessary. It’s crucial to set the target KPIs (like cost per conversion, ROI, revenue, conversions etc.) and based on defined KPI’s we know are we getting good results.

Will I get any notifications from you during the campaign?

Of course. We will send you campaign reports regularly. We send you a report once per month with our expert overview and action plan for the following month. Also, we create you a custom dashboard in Google Analytics so you can check your campaign KPI’s at any moment.

Do you have any examples of successful campaigns from your own experience?

Sure. Read our case studies and testimonials.

What if the campaign isn’t successful?

Our goal is to make you successful because that means long term business for both of us. Every business is different, every customer is different. There are no 100% guarantees but with our experience, many campaigns created and our dedicated approach we make sure that we offer the best service that will get results.

Will I see ads before publishing?

Yes. Before publishing any ad we send it to you for feedback and authorization.

Who will see my Facebook Ads?

Only the people that fit into your targeting. It’s crucial to define your target audience so we can reach the right people.

Why my Facebook page isn’t enough?

For years Facebook has been reducing the visibility of business pages in people’s news feeds so now, less than 0.5 percent of your fans, on average, will actually see your updates.

If you want new customers to discover your business you will have to use Facebook advertising.

Is there anything I can do to make the campaign more successful?

Of course. Provide us with all the information about your business so we can make better quality ads. Understand your customers. What motivates them to take action? And think about your offers - how can you create an offer your customers can’t refuse?

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