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Give me 6 hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first 4 sharpening the axe -- Abraham Lincoln

Research is the most important part of any successful project. We present your brand, and how can we do good marketing if we don't understand your business?

That's why we carefully dedicate our time to understand:

Unique Value Proposition - how is your company different.

Your offer and USP's (Unique Selling Points) - what are the unique benefits of your offer.

Customer research - who is your target customer, how they decide, what is important to them, how they make decisions. their values/desires/fears etc.

Competition intelligence - who are your main competitors and what are they doing online.


We perform quantitative and qualitative analysis to gather all the relevant data.

Keyword research - what are the priority keywords for your business.

Audience insights - who are your customers and where they spend their time online.

Google Analytics analysis - how your visitors are using your site and where your website is leaking money.

UX research and heuristic analysis - we walk through your site and landing pages and analyze them for conversion.

3Planning and strategy

Based on our research, analysis and data gathered we create strategy to achieve your goals.

Define the goals - what are we trying to achieve with PPC and how will we measure success.

Define and calculate the KPI's - what is our target CPA.

Budgeting - what is optimal budget to achieve desired KPI's.

Campaign structure organization and creation - we use the latest strategies, techniques and technologies for best results.

4Campaign setup and tracking

We setup all the tracking so we can measure the effectiveness of our marketing.

Setup all the tracking with Google Tag manager, Google Analytics or Google Ads (form submissions, click to call tracking, event tracking, orders, button clicks etc.)

Full service Google or Facebook Ads setup - all the features are included in the management fee (no extra cost).

Other integrations (SalesForce, store visits, etc.)

5Optimization and reporting

Based on our KPI's we optimize your campaigns for performance and send you regular reports and feedbacks.

We detect profitable segments (keywords, ads, placements, demographics, devices, audiences) and allocate resources on them. We detect unprofitable segments and eliminate them from campaigns.

Monthly reports with executive reviews and expert overviews.

E-mail, skype and phone support.

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