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We configure your tracking so we can precisely measure and report your marketing performance

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We set up your analytics so we can have the correct data and measure results.

Get insights

Understand your website visitors and how they behave on your site.

Take action

Ask the right questions and optimize your site for better engagement and conversion.

Understand your website results

Google Analytics implementation and reporting

It's impossible to do performance marketing if we don't measure conversions. It's crucial to do the correct tracking setup so we can optimize campaigns.

With Google Analytics configuration we help you:

  • Understand your website results.
  • Understand who are your visitors and how they behave on your site.
  • Track your micro and macro conversions (button clicks, pdf downloads, newsletter signups, transactions, contact link clicks, etc.).
  • We create a dashboard for your business KPI's so you can easily check your website performance and at any time.

Google Analytics can be complex and challenging to setup that's why we make your life easier by focusing on metrics you need to care about. See your website results in simple and nice-looking reports.

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More than 150 digital projects and 9 years of industry experience.

Google Certified

We are a Google Certified Partner Agency with certified professionals.


We communicate openly. No hidden costs. You are the owner of your account.

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We are a specialized agency that follows and implements latest trends and technologies.


Phone or email. For important tickets we offer priority support that answers within 1 hour.

Technology & Tools

We developed in-house tools for our effective work and collaboration.

We never give up

Results can't always happen overnight but what makes us different is - we'll never give up trying and finding what will work.

We research harder

We don't just blindly follow best practices. Every business is different. We work harder to better understand your business model.

Our work is effective

We are efficient and process driven so every minute is well spent. We run systems and systems run our business.

Our process

We check your current Google Analytics setup and create action plan for configuration.


Every type of business (lead gen, blog, e-commerce...) requires different configuration.


We deliver you expert report on your website results and performance.

Google Analytics configuration
  • Create more views (unfiltered view, test view (for testing purposes) and master view (the view we will use for our analysis). If necessary create a view for specific traffic channels (like Google Ads only view), devices (like mobile-only), or location (like the USA only).
  • Filter and remove spam/bot traffic
  • Create filters to filter internal traffic
  • Divide brand and generic paid search
  • Link Google Analytics with other products (Google Ads, Search Console, BigQuery, Display & Video 360, Google Play etc.)
  • Setup remarketing list in GA for potential remarketing campaigns (converters, non-converters, specific page visitors, engaged users etc.)
  • Configure site search
  • Create content and channel groupings
  • Setup cross-device and cross-domain tracking
  • Configure User ID
  • Configure enhanced e-commerce
  • Setup goal tracking and goal values (Form submissions, Mobile click to call clicks, Email link clicks, Purchase complete, Newsletter signups)
  • Setup event tracking (.pdf download, Scroll tracking, Video plays, Button clicks, Outbound links to other sites, Interactions with a slider)

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