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Your success means our success. We are dedicated to better understand your business, create campaigns that deliver results and provide you with fast and helpful support. We first learn about your goals. Why you want to advertise, what goals are you looking to achieve? Then we learn, research and create a strategy for how we’ll achieve that goal. After that, we continually optimize campaigns to improve your results.

Team members

Marko Kvesic

Lead conversion strategiest

Matea Viher

PPC specialist

Daron Lalic

Sales manager

Lovro Prica

Digital marketing manager

We are a Google Certified Partner agency since 2012. Continuous education is an important part of our culture since the marketing world keeps advancing. New possibilities and features keep coming so it’s important to stay up to date. Passion and love for marketing are the reasons why we are always learning and improving our skills. But knowledge means nothing if you don’t know how to use it. That’s why we believe knowledge is crucial, but the execution is king!

Every client is important to us and for every client, we need to do our best work. If we agree to cooperate that means you are important to us. We value our time so we try to spend it wisely. When performing a task, we question will this action improve the results of our client.

We are data-driven but we don’t just religiously follow the data. Marketing is about people. It’s about empathy and emotions. You can have the most advanced data tools but if you don’t have a product people want - all this technology means nothing. Marketing is about understand people and how you can help them improve their lives. Data is a powerful tool that will provide insights and help you deliver a better product to your customers. It’s crucial to understand analytics but never forget we are trying to figure out people.

Our Values

Dedicated to Client Success
Dedicated to Client Success

Because client success is a success for everyone.

Research Harder, Understand Better
Research Harder, Understand Better

Dive deep. Put in the work. Do the heavy lifting. Because that will make a difference.

Marketing Obsessed
Marketing Obsessed

Love what you do. Follow new trends. Be passionate.

Always Improve
Always Improve

Always ask how we can deliver better results and make the client happier.

Never Give Up
Never Give Up

Never ever never give up. There is always a solution to everything.

Execution is King
Execution is King

Don’t talk. Execute! Let our actions and results speak.


Every day seek to be 1% better then you were yesterday.

Be Efficient
Be Efficient

Do more with less. Be productive. Appreciate every second of your time.

Honest and Transparent
Honest and Transparent

Be brutally honest and transparent even if the truth is ugly.

Here’s why our clients choose to work with us

We research harder

There is no ‘one fits all solutions’. Every business is different. We create tailored and personalized solutions for your needs. We go deeper into understanding your business.

We never give up

We’ll never stop creating a new logical hypothesis and testing different tactics. There is always a solution and we work hard to find it.

We are passionate

We love what we do so we don’t have any problems staying up to date, following the latest trends and implementing new technologies.

Experience and expertise

More than 150 projects in 10 years of existence.

Our work is effective

Our systems are in place. We believe systems run business and people run systems. Our time is precious so we always look at how to maximize it.

Regular support and reporting

Every month you get reports with key takeaways and detailed data on the performance of most important KPIs. Every report is coming with our expert overview and next actions.

Full transparency

You are the owner of your account. We create your custom dashboard so at any time you see the progress of your campaigns.

We communicate openly

There are no hidden reports or misleading interpretations of your metrics. If things don’t go well we talk openly about it and find solutions.

We don’t force contracts

Together we agree on the contract. We have them ready but at any time if one of the sides is not happy with the relationship there is no problem to leave.

We value our relationship

You will get a survey so we better understand your satisfaction with our service and see how we can improve.

Dedicated account manager

No junior-level people that manage your campaigns. You speak with one account manager who has the expertise.

Better value for your money

Our pricing is fair.

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